Help + FAQs

As you journey through this program, it is our deepest desire to support you in whatever way that may be. So, please don’t be shy in reaching out. We will always make you our priority.

The easiest way to reach us is through email, please send your queries

Expect a reply within 24 hours during business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm Brisbane AEST)

FAQ about the membership site + emails

+ I can't see the new content, I keep getting a "you don't have access to that page

If you’ve received notification that a new module is ready, but you have trouble accessing the new content or don’t see the updated content in the members area simply “log out” (visit the top right icon in the members area to logout), then login back in to refresh your session.

+ How can I update my password to this membership site?

Please login to the membership area and navigate to Your Profile. You may then update your password. Be sure to record your new password in a safe place!

+ How do I download the audios or videos to my phone/device/computer?

On a MAC or PC laptop or desktop:

Different devices and browsers will deal with this in different ways. In most cases you should be able to click on the image/link to download and you will see a “Save as” confirmation box asking you to save the document. This is useful if you like to select where your downloads go and is a setting in your Internet browser. Some computers will not ask you where you want to save the file and instead will download the file automatically to wherever files download on your device. In many cases this is a folder called “Downloads.”

On an iPhone or iPad (Smart Devices):

PDFs – If you click on the PDF image or link on an iPad or iPhone it will load the PDF in a new tab. If you hover over the top right hand corner you will see an option to “Open in iBooks” if you click that link the pdf will then save to your iBooks app for you to open at a later point in time even if you are offline. There is also a link next to that one that says “Open in…” If you click that you will ask where you would like to save the PDF to. In this way you can save it to say Dropbox or Kindle if you prefer those apps.

Audios and Videos – We are currently unable to support direct download of audios and videos to smart devices. In order to download them you need a 3rd party app that handles those types of video and audio downloads. We suggest you download any audios or videos onto your computers then transfer the files onto any other devices you may wish to listen to them on.

+ I have lost my password and/or username. What do I do?

Visit the login page and click on the “Forgot Password” link. This will send you an email with your login details to the members area. Your email is the one that you enrolled in the program with.

If you have forgotten your email please write to and we will check your email address.

+ I would like to change my username for the membership site. How can I do that?

Please send a request by emailing

+ I don’t think I’m getting emails. Why?

The likely reason this will be is because you have not white listed or marked us as a safe sender in your email account and therefore we are landing in your spam folder.

Please do mark us as a safe sender by either marking our emails with a ‘star’ or dragging them into your ‘main’ inbox in Gmail, even if our emails have arrived to you ok in the past.

+ I can't open the videos in the membership site?

Our videos are hosted on Vimeo which streams on mobile & computer in most countries around the world. Some countries (eg. Indonesia) restrict the availability of Vimeo. In these cases you may receive an error message where the video stream should be. There are a number of free plugs available to circumvent this issue. In the past our clients have used a Firefox plugin called “Hola” with success

+ I have changed my email address. How can I let you know this?

Please email and request this change.

FAQ about the Live Sessions + Zoom

+ Can people hear or see me during the live session via Zoom?

Zoom allows you to control your own audio and video, as either on, or off. You will have the opportunity to interact during the calls via audio and/or video if you choose, or via the chat box.

+ How do I join the Zoom live meeting room?

You can join the Zoom live meeting rooms via any device connected to the internet. You’ll receive a reminder email 24hrs before each live call which includes the Zoom URL Link to join, as well as the meeting ID. Email for any concerns.

+ I’m having technical issues joining the Live Session via Zoom. What do I do?

Ah technology. Stay calm. It could be a zoom issue, or an internet issue. Try re-loading your page, or logging out and trying again.

If you still need assistance, email and we will do our best to assist.

+ I missed the live call. Do I still qualify for the certification?

While we do encourage our students to maximize the available call schedules, we also do not want you to stress about missing the call.

First, let’s see the info about the live call participation requirement.

One of the criteria for certification is active participation to live calls = minimum of 1 live call attendance per module.

This means that if you have attended any of the teaching calls for Module 1 then you already have met this criterion. On the other hand, if you missed all calls dedicated for a particular module, please coordinate with our Student support via for guidance.

Here’s where you can find information about the assessment for certification:

FAQ About payments + Invoicing

+ Where can I view my payment history, and future payments?

Navigate to the ‘Account’ in the menu above to view your payment history, review your invoices + see when future payments are due.

+ How can I update my credit card details?

Navigate to the ‘Account’ in the menu above to update your credit card details directly.

+ I can't make a payment, or have another payment related question, who should I contact?

Email our team at and we’ll get back to you within 24 business hours.